Wrath of the Righteous


Illustrated version

After talking to the Fulsome Queen the party headed out with her to the entrance of the Nahyndrian crystal mine. The first opponent they would have to deal with was Melazmera, the umbral dragon that they had seen earlier. Armed with the knowledge of the dragon’s schedule by the Fulsome Queen, the party took positions for an ambush. Tane made several of his allies invisible and handed out other buffs. The other casters did the same. Soon enough, the gargantuan dragon swooped down from over the trees. She dropped the corpse of some fiendish bovine on the ground to eat.

Gith began the battle with a fireball and arrows that cut the dragon well. Tane dispelled some illusionary rubble and revealed hidden treasure. Wase pointed at the dragon and chains of golden light sprung at her limbs. The dragon dodged away as Hook and two summoned T.rexes crashed into her. The dinosaurs clawed and bit to little effect. The dragon shook them off and howled. The party steeled themselves against the dragonfear. The dragon slashed open the cow-like corpse on the ground. Disgusting fumes leaked out and the party with its creatures resisted the urge to gag. The Fulsome Queen summoned a pack of assassin demons to aid the party against the dragon. Wase was not pleased. The dragon glared at the raptor on her ankle and roared a spell of Destruction. The spell nearly annihilated the raptor body and soul, but it thankfully clung to life. After that, Wase charged in with his mighty sword, Gith and Tane unleashed terrible magics, and still more summoned creatures crowded around. The dragon was overwhelmed, and so it fell. The final blow went to Gith.

The party looted the treasure. Gith did some psychic readings on the items and saw a woman giving Melazmera a immensely valuable golden scepter that crowned the hoard. There was also an elbarorate golden crown that could shoot a laser beam once a day. Tane wore that. Fulsome Queen praised the party for their feat of dragonslaying, and also suggested that such mighty heroes could perhaps if they should so kindly choose hurry up and clear her home. Before going into the mine, Wase decided to look into a pit that Fulsome Queen said was “creepy”. When he did, an all-too-familiar set of tentacles emerged. This time, the blob-like body and fanged maw of the full creature was attached. Tane recognized it as an Abyssal Harvester.

The Harvester snatched up Wase even as he smited its tentacles. The party swarmed the monster, so it was forced to flee. Its efforts were for naught, as it was struck down by Tane’s laser crown.

The party then left that pit alone and entered the mine. The entrance was a 1000 foot drop straight down. The majority of the group walked down with an Air Walk spell Bendak had provided earlier. The Fulsome Queen had accidentally been excluded from the spell so she slowly slid down the wall, attached to it by the filth that composed her body. Eventually the party reached a cavern, although there was still about 200 feet left to the ground. Gith leaned down from above and peeked into the entrance. Inside he saw a fell cavern, decorated throughout with demonic imagery. Six kalavakus demons stood watch. The demons stood at seven feet tall and they were bedecked with massive horns and claws.

Tane tried twice to take control of a demon’s mind. It resisted his attempts and realized it was under attack. The demons snarled and raised their claws for battle. Tane summoned a pit that trapped three of the demons and Wase flew over to slay them. Gith shot and Tane cast as Bendak jumped a demon in allosaurus form with Hook at his side. The demons fought hard, but were losing handily. At that point, a huge glabrezu with three succubus bodyguards arrived. The glabrezu’s mirror images moved in concert with it as it marched in.

The glabrezu dispelled Wase’s flight and left him stuck in the pit. Radiance shone furiously as the three demons swarmed the paladin. A succubus tried to take control of Tane’s mind, but failed. The party retaliated. Gith wounded the glabrezu with his archery and the dinosaurs killed a succubus. Much dispelling took place. Bendak dispelled the glabrezu’s mirror images and the glabrezu dispelled the pit. Two kalavakuses were already dead, and the remaining ones tried to shove Wase into the main pit. They failed and suffered smiting. Without its images, the glabrezu was torn apart by the dinosaurs as the rest of the party slaughtered the other demons. Only one succubus managed to teleport away in time.

Fulsome Queen finally slimed into the room as the party found a heavy winch that controlled an elevator in the shaft. The party looted as Gith sized up the dead glabrezu. Finding it to his liking, he dug out its eyes with his dagger. Then he charged an onyx gem with psychic energy and placed it into one of the empty sockets. The corpse writhed and split. The skeleton rose up from the wreckage with the flesh sloughing away into a gory heap and dripped from the bones. Gith had a new pet.


Zanton RonW

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