Wrath of the Righteous

The pitfalls of evil


After finally resting inside the extradimensional space Tane created, the party prepared for battle with the fiendish minotaurs. Wase’s sword became alight with divine energy, Bendak became a raptor, and Tane cast beneficial spells. When all was in readiness, the party entered the officer’s quarters and the battle was on. The room was a large office, with a door or two on all sides. The aforementioned minotaurs were present, and also three babau demons guarding a haggard dwarf at desk. The dwarf looked listlessly over tomes and scrolls. Wase and the dinosaurs charged, meeting the minotaurs in a pitched melee.

Poonisher flew in through the shadows and considered his shots. He had felt he wasn’t contributing enough, and had spent some time improving his skill and practicing with his mythic blessing. Now it was time to test his new methods. The following flurry of arrows skewered the minotaurs and even blew one off his feet and pinned the corpse to the wall by the throat. Poonisher was well pleased by this result. Tane then made him utterly invisible, making him even more deadly.

A babau was picked off and the dwarf seemed inspired. He threw up his hands. The babaus turned and tried to finish him off. Thankfully for our diminutive defector, Tane was ready with a Glitterdust spell that blinded the demons. They flailed about attempting to kill the dwarf, but were slaughtered. Noting the high ceiling in this room, Bendak became an allosaurus to help end the fight.

There was no time for the party to catch their breath after the demons were slain. The doors in back flew open, and two babaus and two minotaurs filed in. They made a dramatic corridor for a dwarven figure that marched in behind them. Staunton Vhane, antipaladin betrayer of Drezen, stormed into the room.


Staunton struck his glaive on the floor and summoned one more babau before sending his minions against the party. Poonisher opened fire without even a hint of surprise. The minotaurs pushed forward to Bendak, horns clashing with saurian jaws. While Bendak was thus occupied, Staunton moved up and brought him down with both an unholy parody of a Paladin’s smites and Vhane’s own mythic power. Before Vhane and the monsters could finish the job, Tane dropped the antipaladin in a magic pit while Wase and Fee deployed healing magic. Rather than get into the fight, the babaus tried to kill the dwarf at the desk. A loud buzzing sounded from down a hall. Bendak revived thanks to the healing magic and reached a claw over to the pit. Warping the stone of the floor and wall, he created a cap to keep Vhane in. At the same time, Tane created two ice walls to block whatever was making the buzzing sound.

Without their corrupt master, the remaining demons were swiftly slain. Tane made Wase into a giant for more efficient exorcism-by-exsanguinations. The party picked themselves up and prepared for the final round. A huge stinger was chipping through the ice, and Vhane was digging through the stone cap with a returning throwing axe. Bendak summoned an ankylosaurus by the pit, waiting to swing its clublike tail. Poonisher readied arrows.


The walls broke. A giant fiendish wasp burst through the remains of the enchanted ice and dove into the hole. Vhane hopped onto his steed and it began climbing out. Before it could escape, Poonisher blasted it back to the bottom with an arrow before finishing it off with subsequent shots. Recovering, Vhane used the same mythic speed as Wase to climb out of the pit. Vhane leapt out and rolled under the ankylosaurus tail to cross blades with the giant Wase. They dueled for a long moment, dodging around dinosaur claws and clubs. Ultimately, Vhane brought Wase down. The villain raised his weapon to gut the hero. Before Vhane could strike the fatal blow, the anklyosaurus finally landed a solid club blow to the back of his helmet. As Vhane reeled and howled through the horrible ringing, Tane tripped him with a grease puddle underfoot. Bendak helped Wase stand back up. Vhane lay on the ground, struggling to recover. The dinosaurs and the knight pounced, attempting to subdue him. Vhane laughed at their attempt at mercy. He was warded against such nonlethal assaults.

This posed no obstacle to Poonisher. With a final arrow to the throat, Poonisher killed Staunton Vhane.

After the fight finally ended, the party talked with the desk dwarf. He was Vhane’s brother, tricked into helping Staunton in his dark efforts by managing a Corruption Forge that tainted holy relics for the demons. He gave the party much information on what dangers remained within the castle. The Sword of Valor was being kept underground, in the sublevels of the fortress. As most of the defenders had been vanquished, the party roamed around and captured a fortune in loot. The treasures might serve them well in the last dungeons of Drezen.


Zanton RonW

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