Wrath of the Righteous

Vampire hunters


The party rested after the grueling battle with Staunton Vhane in the extradimensional space. During the night, Wase was awoken by a sharp pain. The old hero the party had rescued was stabbing him. Thankfully, the blow failed to kill him. The “hero” then transformed into a succubus and vanished. Although Tane had long since all but eliminated the need for sleep with a magic ring, the attack came during his nightly two hours of rest. The next morning, Vhane’s brother lead the party to the castle’s underground levels. The party descended after a few spells, leaving the dwarf behind. There was an unhallowed darkness to the dungeon that sometimes assaulted the minds of the party as they explored here. The party found themselves in a prison area. Iron bars of cages and torture equipment decorated the chambers. The spectres of mangled knights floated through the walls. Evenutally, two of the spirits attacked.


The incorporeal claws ripped into Wase, draining most of his life away. Wase retreated as Bendak cast an ineffective flame strike. Poonisher fired a volley of his best arrows, dissipating one of the attackers. As Tane was casting his spells, the surviving undead dove forward and tried to drain him. At the last moment, Tane turned briefly into wind, dodging the blow. With the remains of his strength, Wase stepped up and put his fellow knight to rest.

The party decided to continue despite Wase’s crippling. The party continued to traverse the grim halls, and eventually came to a torture chamber full of vampire spawn.


However, vampire spawn are just a shadow of their progenitors. They were all exterminated in short order. Before going, they were able to drain a bit of Bendak and Hook’s strength. Nearby was a cell enclosed in an antimagic field. Inside the cell, prayers to Lady Luck and hundreds of butterflies were carved on the walls. Outside that cell, starved corpses lined the walls.

After that room, the party came to a large two-leveled chamber with a pair of babaus. The demons shrieked with delight and raised their spears. One was promptly shot in the throat by Poonisher before Bendak summoned three ankylosauruses to crush him between their tail clubs. The remaining demon summoned another of its kind behind Tane and tried to dispel the sorcerer’s spells. Both were foiled by his greater magic. Wase finished off the new demon and an ankylosaurus struck off the other’s head.

As the fight ended, everyone felt something trying to take over their minds. While fighting off the mental assault with all his will, Poonisher spotted someone looking at them through a tiny peephole in a metal door nearby. He opened fire, but sadly didn’t manage to shoot the stranger’s eye out. A moment later, Hook and the ankylosauruses bashed the door open. Behind it was a vampire cleric wielding a vicious dagger. A man drained of blood was also on the floor beside a bookshelf. Before anyone could attack him, the vampire turned to smoke and vanished. The party rushed in and began looking around his room.

The vampire rematerialized behind Tane and attempted to cut him down. Tane turned into wind again but the blow still managed to hurt him. Wase began to duel the vampire. As the knife and sword clashed, Poonisher lined up some shots. The arrows were loosed and the vampire was blown against the wall and shredded. The vampire turned back to smoke to retreat to his coffin. Bendak tried to trap the smoke in egg-shaped stone, but missed a few tiny holes that the vampire escaped through. Wase also tried to finish the vampire off with channeled energy, but was unsuccessful. Poonisher soon found the coffin through a secret door behind the bookshelf. Wase and Poonisher teamed up to stake him and cut his head off and dip his head in holy water and harvest an ear. To be fair, one of those was only Poonisher’s idea.

The party noticed now that the drained man was actually still clinging to life. Poonisher tied him up and Wase revived him.


Zanton RonW

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