Wrath of the Righteous

adventuring or somesuch, part 2

Illustrated version

So the party was at goat satan’s torture room in his jail. There were some frog things torturing a devil. They were doing it because the devil liked rules too much or something. Poonisher blew one frog thing away with a bunch of arrows and then Tane made him even faster so he shot the other one a whole bunch of times and it died. And then he killed the devil prisoner too for good measure. Before anyone could care about that, the party was attacked by STEVE BANNON.

It probably wasn’t Bannon, but it was a scary monster in a cloak so it could have maybe been him. Anyway Bannon lost quickly. The party looted and found keys and stuff. The keys were useful for getting around the prison. Anyway, the party decided to go look for a guy next. They looked for the guy because the guards were scared of him so he could be useful. Tane recognized him as the Runelord of Wrath. That was a very bad guy. The party went looking for him anyway. They found his chambers in a section of the jail that was deserted of all life. They continued anyway. The inside of his chambers was all dirty and filled with evil books and evil science and evil magic and evil magic science books. They continued anyway. They met the Runelord. He looked all ugly and evil.

The party talked to him anyway. He had been in jail for a long time like well over five years. He said lots of stuff and told the party they should release a powerful monster he made so that they could fight an even stronger monster. He also said they might be able to kill Baphomet after saving the Harold, and made them promise. The party kept listening to him anyway, and agreed to let him out if he promised to try and be good. They did it and he left. He probably did try but didn’t do a good job. Anyway he left his books, which had all the magic, including Avada Kedavra, friendship, and Adam Sandler’s box office money. Poonisher thought this was all a bad idea.

The party decided to try this terrible idea. They went to the place where the thing was, and did stuff to let it out. It got out and was a scary monster. It could eat countries and was almost a god.

Unfortunately for it, the party was really really overpowered at this point. It was chomped by a t rex even more enormous than the normal ones and shot a bunch and stabbed a bunch. It was dead in under fifteen seconds. Then the Warden showed up to stop the disturbance, and the party stomped her too. The party looted and rested and then they found the Harold.

And then, there was a real fight.


Zanton RonW

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