Wrath of the Righteous


Illustrated version

After journeying into the depths of the Abyss and returning alive with a dead demon lord to their name, the party felt invincible. Perhaps they were. The party returned triumphant to Drezen, and split up to work on their own business.

Gith wasted no time in making a mockery of Baphomet’s corpse. He first removed the head, and then turned the rest of the corpse into a skeletal servant. The head he secreted away for a more elaborate project later. After Poonisher returned to his “secret” lair, he received some news. First, he was reminded that he had a lover. Second, he was informed that his lover had married another man while he was away. Presumably Poonisher wasn’t bothered, since his former lover did not suddenly die in a hail of throat arrows from nowhere. Bendak went to check on Arushalae. She had settled in with the church of Desna. She seemed to have found her peace. Queen Galfrey visited Drezen and requested an audience with Tane personally. Apparently, some were worried by her lack of an heir in this crucial time. As a result, she was considering Tane as her king-consort.

The party finally counted up their wealth and bought new gear. Clad in the finest of mortal treasures, they were even more powerful than they had been. Even Hook received a resplendent new suit of armor. Poonisher put much of his mythic power into his bow. In his hands it became one of the deadliest weapons in the history of Golarion and made him completely undetectable while invisible.

After about three days in Drezen, during lunch, the horns of war were sounded. A horde of demons had stormed the walls, and four Nalfeshnee demons were darting to the legendary banner the party had recovered some time ago.

The party flew up after it. Between Poonisher’s bow and Gith’s new 12-armed marilith, the demons were torn apart in seconds as they flailed about blindly from Tane’s curses. They seemed to have been trying to aid demons emerging from an old portal that had been placed in the citadel back when it was a demonic stronghold. The party got ready, and their opponents emerged. Four apocalypse locusts swarmed through and were stomped like the bugs they were.

The party regarded the portal. They chose to hold it open and invade the other side, rather than close it. In most stories, this would be the beginning of their downfall and a warning against mortal folly. But this is no longer a story about mortals.

On the other side was an Abyssal fortress. Two golems in the form of the Lord of the Worldwound rose up in their great and irrelevant might before falling. A corrupted phoenix who had once been a great hero came to their defense. In moments, she was defeated. Her rebirth brought redemption and the party sent her to the aid of their troops in the Material plane. The party stormed the castle. The marilith Aponavicius was there, commanding her troops through a pool that allowed astral projection. She was the legendary demon general who had lead their armies for decades and had been the one to capture Drezen. Of course, in moments she was dead.

Taking note of her useful set of six arms, Gith promptly skeletonized her. With their leader dead and the pool’s powers turned against them, the demonic army soon crumbled and fled.

Some of the people of Drezen actually began attempting to worship the party as gods upon their return. None of them seemed very interested in being worshipped. Bendak used the opportunity to try and spread his dinosaur faith. This may have killed the burgeoning religion. During the night, the druid received a vision of Iomedae. She told him that the time had come for the final phase of the Fifth Crusade. The Worldwound must be closed. The next day, Galfrey met the party.

She had been granted the same dream. She brought with her the Lexicon of Paradox. The party had seen it before, as it was the book originally used to open the Worldwound and containing the secret of its destruction. They had used it once before when infiltrating the Succubus Queen’s realm. Queen Galfrey briefed the party on what needed to be done to win the war. In short, they needed to get the chisel used to destroy the Wardstones, find the secret of the Worldwound’s origin, and slay Khorramzadeh the Storm King. He was the enormous demon who killed a silver dragon at the start of this whole adventure.

The party decided to start with the chisel. According to the latest intelligence, it was in a brothel called the Yearning House. The Yearning House was located in the fallen city of Iz. Iz sat on the edge of the Worldwound itself and was the home of Khorramzadeh. The party teleported to the brothel. Two demons guarded the door. The party had made no effort at disguise and were immediately recognized. Rather than attacking, the demons told the party they had been expected and invited them in.

At the front desk was a fly demon. It told the party that its master, Sister Perversion, wanted to meet with them. Bendak sensed Poonisher’s bow raising and quickly asked the vigilante to stay his hand. After Poonisher had reluctantly complied, Bendak asked skeptically if the demon’s master was actually named Sister Perversion. The receptionist demon gladly confirmed this. His curiosity sated, Bendak motioned to Poonisher and the massacre began.

The party made no effort at stealth, rushing from room to room and annihilating all in their path. Eventually, they made their way to a large cavern.


Zanton RonW

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