Wrath of the Righteous

Vampire hunters


The party rested after the grueling battle with Staunton Vhane in the extradimensional space. During the night, Wase was awoken by a sharp pain. The old hero the party had rescued was stabbing him. Thankfully, the blow failed to kill him. The “hero” then transformed into a succubus and vanished. Although Tane had long since all but eliminated the need for sleep with a magic ring, the attack came during his nightly two hours of rest. The next morning, Vhane’s brother lead the party to the castle’s underground levels. The party descended after a few spells, leaving the dwarf behind. There was an unhallowed darkness to the dungeon that sometimes assaulted the minds of the party as they explored here. The party found themselves in a prison area. Iron bars of cages and torture equipment decorated the chambers. The spectres of mangled knights floated through the walls. Evenutally, two of the spirits attacked.


The incorporeal claws ripped into Wase, draining most of his life away. Wase retreated as Bendak cast an ineffective flame strike. Poonisher fired a volley of his best arrows, dissipating one of the attackers. As Tane was casting his spells, the surviving undead dove forward and tried to drain him. At the last moment, Tane turned briefly into wind, dodging the blow. With the remains of his strength, Wase stepped up and put his fellow knight to rest.

The party decided to continue despite Wase’s crippling. The party continued to traverse the grim halls, and eventually came to a torture chamber full of vampire spawn.


However, vampire spawn are just a shadow of their progenitors. They were all exterminated in short order. Before going, they were able to drain a bit of Bendak and Hook’s strength. Nearby was a cell enclosed in an antimagic field. Inside the cell, prayers to Lady Luck and hundreds of butterflies were carved on the walls. Outside that cell, starved corpses lined the walls.

After that room, the party came to a large two-leveled chamber with a pair of babaus. The demons shrieked with delight and raised their spears. One was promptly shot in the throat by Poonisher before Bendak summoned three ankylosauruses to crush him between their tail clubs. The remaining demon summoned another of its kind behind Tane and tried to dispel the sorcerer’s spells. Both were foiled by his greater magic. Wase finished off the new demon and an ankylosaurus struck off the other’s head.

As the fight ended, everyone felt something trying to take over their minds. While fighting off the mental assault with all his will, Poonisher spotted someone looking at them through a tiny peephole in a metal door nearby. He opened fire, but sadly didn’t manage to shoot the stranger’s eye out. A moment later, Hook and the ankylosauruses bashed the door open. Behind it was a vampire cleric wielding a vicious dagger. A man drained of blood was also on the floor beside a bookshelf. Before anyone could attack him, the vampire turned to smoke and vanished. The party rushed in and began looking around his room.

The vampire rematerialized behind Tane and attempted to cut him down. Tane turned into wind again but the blow still managed to hurt him. Wase began to duel the vampire. As the knife and sword clashed, Poonisher lined up some shots. The arrows were loosed and the vampire was blown against the wall and shredded. The vampire turned back to smoke to retreat to his coffin. Bendak tried to trap the smoke in egg-shaped stone, but missed a few tiny holes that the vampire escaped through. Wase also tried to finish the vampire off with channeled energy, but was unsuccessful. Poonisher soon found the coffin through a secret door behind the bookshelf. Wase and Poonisher teamed up to stake him and cut his head off and dip his head in holy water and harvest an ear. To be fair, one of those was only Poonisher’s idea.

The party noticed now that the drained man was actually still clinging to life. Poonisher tied him up and Wase revived him.

The pitfalls of evil


After finally resting inside the extradimensional space Tane created, the party prepared for battle with the fiendish minotaurs. Wase’s sword became alight with divine energy, Bendak became a raptor, and Tane cast beneficial spells. When all was in readiness, the party entered the officer’s quarters and the battle was on. The room was a large office, with a door or two on all sides. The aforementioned minotaurs were present, and also three babau demons guarding a haggard dwarf at desk. The dwarf looked listlessly over tomes and scrolls. Wase and the dinosaurs charged, meeting the minotaurs in a pitched melee.

Poonisher flew in through the shadows and considered his shots. He had felt he wasn’t contributing enough, and had spent some time improving his skill and practicing with his mythic blessing. Now it was time to test his new methods. The following flurry of arrows skewered the minotaurs and even blew one off his feet and pinned the corpse to the wall by the throat. Poonisher was well pleased by this result. Tane then made him utterly invisible, making him even more deadly.

A babau was picked off and the dwarf seemed inspired. He threw up his hands. The babaus turned and tried to finish him off. Thankfully for our diminutive defector, Tane was ready with a Glitterdust spell that blinded the demons. They flailed about attempting to kill the dwarf, but were slaughtered. Noting the high ceiling in this room, Bendak became an allosaurus to help end the fight.

There was no time for the party to catch their breath after the demons were slain. The doors in back flew open, and two babaus and two minotaurs filed in. They made a dramatic corridor for a dwarven figure that marched in behind them. Staunton Vhane, antipaladin betrayer of Drezen, stormed into the room.


Staunton struck his glaive on the floor and summoned one more babau before sending his minions against the party. Poonisher opened fire without even a hint of surprise. The minotaurs pushed forward to Bendak, horns clashing with saurian jaws. While Bendak was thus occupied, Staunton moved up and brought him down with both an unholy parody of a Paladin’s smites and Vhane’s own mythic power. Before Vhane and the monsters could finish the job, Tane dropped the antipaladin in a magic pit while Wase and Fee deployed healing magic. Rather than get into the fight, the babaus tried to kill the dwarf at the desk. A loud buzzing sounded from down a hall. Bendak revived thanks to the healing magic and reached a claw over to the pit. Warping the stone of the floor and wall, he created a cap to keep Vhane in. At the same time, Tane created two ice walls to block whatever was making the buzzing sound.

Without their corrupt master, the remaining demons were swiftly slain. Tane made Wase into a giant for more efficient exorcism-by-exsanguinations. The party picked themselves up and prepared for the final round. A huge stinger was chipping through the ice, and Vhane was digging through the stone cap with a returning throwing axe. Bendak summoned an ankylosaurus by the pit, waiting to swing its clublike tail. Poonisher readied arrows.


The walls broke. A giant fiendish wasp burst through the remains of the enchanted ice and dove into the hole. Vhane hopped onto his steed and it began climbing out. Before it could escape, Poonisher blasted it back to the bottom with an arrow before finishing it off with subsequent shots. Recovering, Vhane used the same mythic speed as Wase to climb out of the pit. Vhane leapt out and rolled under the ankylosaurus tail to cross blades with the giant Wase. They dueled for a long moment, dodging around dinosaur claws and clubs. Ultimately, Vhane brought Wase down. The villain raised his weapon to gut the hero. Before Vhane could strike the fatal blow, the anklyosaurus finally landed a solid club blow to the back of his helmet. As Vhane reeled and howled through the horrible ringing, Tane tripped him with a grease puddle underfoot. Bendak helped Wase stand back up. Vhane lay on the ground, struggling to recover. The dinosaurs and the knight pounced, attempting to subdue him. Vhane laughed at their attempt at mercy. He was warded against such nonlethal assaults.

This posed no obstacle to Poonisher. With a final arrow to the throat, Poonisher killed Staunton Vhane.

After the fight finally ended, the party talked with the desk dwarf. He was Vhane’s brother, tricked into helping Staunton in his dark efforts by managing a Corruption Forge that tainted holy relics for the demons. He gave the party much information on what dangers remained within the castle. The Sword of Valor was being kept underground, in the sublevels of the fortress. As most of the defenders had been vanquished, the party roamed around and captured a fortune in loot. The treasures might serve them well in the last dungeons of Drezen.

adventuring or somesuch


So Wase was upset about his armor having curses so Tane fixed it sort of. The party went about the dungeon castle to find that flag they needed. Poonisher lead. Eventually they heard some arguing behind a door. They listened at the door and it was some lady arguing with herself like Andy Circus. Poonisher opened the door after Wase was stopped by a lock. Behind the door was a mess of dead folk and the woman, who was a barbarian and had a sword and dark armor. She attacked the party.


She was very difficult to hit, but then Bendak made a lot of snakes and Wase was a giant so she died. Next the party fought some other demons that made you insolent if you got near them. Wase and Hook were affected before Poonisher shot them all. The paladin and the raptor were thus made insolent for a time.


Eventually they got over it.

Nxet up was a jail cell that had a crazy old man who used to be a swashbuckling hero. His icy sword was nearby so he was given that. He wanted revenge because the demons killed his girlfriend. The party teamed up with him and killed some normal demons.

Eventually they found the officers room. There were some fiendish minotaurs there. The party decided to sleep before fighting them.


Vrock and roll


The party prepared to battle the vrock demon standing before them. Bendak continued to fight archers in another room as a compsognathus. Wase’s sword Radiance glowed with Smiting light. The vrock released a screech that momentarily stunned all but Wase. Unable to fly, Poonisher crashed to the ground. The vrock used the opening to make a bunch of mirror images of itself. In an instant, Poonisher stood, picked up his bow and dissipated an image with an arrow. Tane looked the demon in the eye and dispelled the images. The vrock stomped towards him, scarcely paying heed to the paladin and raptor on either side. It pulverized him, kicking and tearing with its claws and beak. At the same time the vrock released a toxic spore cloud. Hook was unable to avoid breathing it in. Vines and fungal growths began to grow from her head and mouth. Tane staggered back as Poonisher swept him out of the room.

The demon and dinosaur locked onto each other. Ignoring defense, the two monsters savagely leapt at each other. Hook latched on and crushed the vrock’s sternum with successive kicks. The vrock collapsed half her ribs with a blow. Wase used the opportunity to cut the hamstrings of the vrock. It turned to swat and howl at Wase. Hook then tore at the vrock’s face. It yanked the raptor off, sacrificing an eye and a good deal of the surrounding face to do so. Grabbing Hook from both ends, it twisted. Hook fell, yelping and dragging now useless legs. The vrock crawled forward to finish the job. Before the last blows could be struck, the vrock reared back as Wase punctured a kidney. Its beak opened in agony just in time to show Radiance’s blade impale through the skull and emerge out the throat. Wase tore it free and the upper jaw flipped to hang alongside the lower for a moment as the demon finally fell. Wase stepped over the carcass and healed the raptor of its injuries and infection. Everyone was healing when the tiny dinosaur druid finally hopped back dripping blood from colorful feathers and wondering what he missed.

Moving on, the party heard noises from the next room. Inside was a woman dressed as Iomedae and a bunch of cultists. They were taking turns with the Iomedae-lookalike. Despite the blasphemous scene, Wase did not detect evil from anyone. Poonisher shot all the cultists anyway. “Iomedae” tried to convince Wase to protect her. Obviously, the party hadn’t actually randomly come across a Lawful Good goddess in a demonic temple. After much confusion, the woman was unmasked as a succubus demon resembling a human woman with bat wings. Some fighting took place and Wase lost some of his life essence to her claws. The battle ended when Tane opened up a pit and swatted her inside with a blast of water. She teleported away before the party could finish her off. It was found that one of the cultists had been asleep and so missed Poonisher mowing them all down. After being tied up, he explained that the “cultists” in this room were actually men who the succubus had kidnapped and enslaved. Wase said a prayer for the arrow victims. The survivor offered to lead the party to the demon’s treasure room in thanks. He gave his name, but was promptly rechristened Tripwire

Tripwire lead the party through tainted halls and darkened stairs until they reached the vault behind a secret door. At first it seemed that the treasure was gone. Adventurers will not be denied gold though. The party searched high and low until they found another secret door. Inside was the treasure, including a suit of resplendent armor and the Sword (Banner) of Valor held by a statue. Poonisher invisibly took point. After he saw no immediate threats and was unable to remove the banner, Wase walked up and reverentially attempted to remove the relic. It stuck to his hand. The statue was a mutated demon mimic.


It attacked him, augmented by dark power. Tane stepped back to cast a spell, but then his hair was caught on another mimic statue. Things seemed dire for a moment. Wase was forced to use his handaxe and the casters casting fizzled. Bendak was forced to go back to human form. Fortunately, the endless torrent of arrows from Poonisher eventually put the mimics down. The party healed up and got to looting the room. The banner was a forgery. The real one was presumably kept elsewhere. Wase took the shining Armor of the Pious. However, every time he tried to put it on he felt something groping him. He decided not to wear it yet. The next room the party found was an armory. Poonisher got a new set of Elvish chain armor. Wase tried on his armor again with the same result. He asked Tane to fix it.

New Friends


The three roars echoed as a massive beast shot up from behind the ruined buildings of Drezen and swooped down on the party. It was the mythic chimera Soltengrebbe, the Beast of Drezen. From forty feet above, three heads blasted out ice and snow over the party. Bendak turned into a massive quetzalcoatlus pterosaur, larger than the chimera, and tried to ram Soltengrebbe out of the air but was knocked halfway to the ground by his claws. Tane hasted all his allies as Poonisher fired some arrows. None found the throat though.

Soltengrebbe tackled Bendak out of the air and slammed to the earth atop him. As soon as he was on the ground, Wase charged and put his sword to work. Hook latched onto the beast’s side and struggled vainly to dig her claws and teeth in through his fiendishly reinforced hide. Bendak also stabbed desperately with his sharp beak. Hopes sank as Soltengrebbe weathered or shrugged off all the blows. With supernatural quickness he left Bendak torn and dying while nearly carving a claw through Wase’s armor. As the chimera chewed on Wase, Poonisher flew in close and revived Bendak with a curing rod. Soltengrebbe reared up to lethally pounce upon Wase. Bendak intercepted a claw, holding back the arm with a talon.

The monster was knocked slightly off course, allowing Wase an opening. The paladin drove his sword into the chimera’s exposed elbow and bolstered his own strength with divine power. He still fell beneath the many claws and bites. Poonisher saw him drop and realized he needed to grab the creature’s attention or in another moment Wase and Bendak would be little more than a few chunks of canned meat and a side of wings. His arrows had been bouncing off its hide, so he spoke to it in Draconic. “Hey you, the walking menagerie!” he said with a rude gesture. The creature looked up and huffed at him in cruel amusement. Poonisher continued in the dragon tongue:

“Sunvaar Los Pook!”

This horrid statement has been left untranslated for the protection of innocent readers. Soltengrebbe knew what it meant. Infuriated, he forgot his victims and focused on Poonisher. Capitalizing on the chimera’s distraction, Tane hit him in the face with blinding glitterdust. Bendak used the opening to become an allosaurus. Poonisher shot one of Soltengrebbe’s throats and revived Wase with the rod. Thrashing blindly, Soltengrebbe breathed a blizzard at Poonisher and slashed at Wase as the paladin stabbed into another opening Bendak provided. Hook switched her target from the side and climbed up to claw at the dragon head’s eyes. The chimera heaved back to try and dislodge the raptor. Once Soltengrebbe’s heads were back, Bendak shoved them together with his claws, opened his jaws wide and chomped. The saurian fangs sheared open three necks at once. Bleeding a river from a trio of jugulars, Soltengrebbe took a step onto the ground, choked on what was meant to be a roar and thudded to the dust.

This trial had pushed the whole party to their limits and beyond. The power they had inherited from the Wardstones had permanently increased. They set about applying it. Tane discovered a new ritual that would allow him to attract a more powerful creature to be his familiar. However, he was only able to have one at a time. His fox was a little hurt to hear this, but relieved to no longer have to spend any time in dungeons. Tane spent a few hours with his fox, playing and giving it extra treats. When the time came, he severed their bond. The fox would still accompany the Knights of Kenebraes, but was no longer a familiar.

Now that he was able, Tane made a little summoning circle and played a cheery tune on a blessed set of pipes. High above, the smoggy clouds above Drezen parted for a moment to let a ray of starlight through. In the circle, the light solidified into a tiny naked woman, standing three feet high and bearing butterfly wings on her back. Remnants of the light remained in the form of subtle rainbows and sparkling lights. She looked about her, scowling in disappointment at the defiled urban wreck all around. With a curtsy she introduced herself. “Name’s Fialonitariadyranticelquine the Lyrakien Azata, oracle and servant of Desna, goddess of beautiful starlit skies! But, you can call me Fee.”

Meanwhile, Bendak also made a friend. After much pestering, Tane had got around to putting some wisdom enchantments on Bendak’s raptor skull mask. Now that it was bolstered by the arcane energies, Bendak was able to try an idea he had without fear of destroying the mask. Accompanied by Swoop and Hook and iIn his by now rarely seen human form, Bendak removed the mask. With an effort of will, he channeled a part of his mythic gift into the item. At first it glowed, then it hummed. Then the bone jaws flexed on their own. The animated skull tested it’s movement and then looked up at its creator. It spoke in a spectral hiss. “Why..do…I…exist?” Bendak held the skull at eye level. “I serve the dinosaurs and all that walks in scales, great and small. I live for this purpose. I awakened you to help me, if you are willing.” The mask paused for a long while. “It…is…why…I…exist.” “So be it. You shall be called Fossil.” Bendak threw back his head and celebrated with a ululating howl. The two animals joined in, followed by the skull. Poonisher walked by with an arched eyebrow.

The other two party members reacted to their improved power in less dramatic ways. Wase just became a bit better at smiting evil and Poonisher seemed to be holding his power in store.

The next day the party went to attack Citadel Drezen, where the Sword(banner) of Valor was being kept. The party entered through the front gate. After a quick mission for Poonisher to scout, the gate was bashed in by Allosaur Bendak and a pair of brimorak demons went down with sword wounds and throat arrows. The party went through a garden of macabre statuary. To no surprise of Poonisher’s, a quartet of gargoyles swooped in. Poonisher snapped off a throatshot. A gargoyle attacked Tane and was snapped up in Bendak’s jaws. Tane dodged a reaching claw and hasted all his allies. After a few more seconds of violence, the dinosaurs finished them off.

The next room had more arrow slits. On Poonisher’s advice, Bendak shaped them shut. Bendak also switched forms to a sparrow sized compsognathus once the allosaur could not fit.


In another area, arrow slits waited behind a wall of rubble. A portcullis was also visible on the far side, and a shape passed by. Wase tried to walk over the rubble and vanished without a trace. At the same time, half-orc cultists began firing arrows at Poonisher. In reality, Wase had simply fallen into a pit covered by an illusion. Poonisher wasn’t fooled for a moment and threw a rope to help him out. The dinosaurs charged across at the slits, attempting to avoid the spot where Wase had vanished. Fee hopped onto Bendak’s back and imagined herself a warrior queen on a mighty charger. Hook failed to dodge and fell into the pit with Wase. She climbed out easily enough. Bendak had intended to leap through the arrow slits since his current form was narrow enough to fit. Once he got there, he realized the flaw in the plan. While he was thin enough, he couldn’t reach the slits from the floor. He turned to Fee. “Throw me.” The fairylike azata found it a bit embarrassing but managed to lift the druid/snake/bird from the floor and, as daintly as possible, toss him in. An unfortunate cultist took an unexpectedly hard bite to the nose. The rest of the party began looking for another way around and went into a hall. They were greeted by a eight foot tall vulture.


Drezen invaded


As the party approached Drezen, Hook suddenly collapsed with a ragged hiss. Bendak rushed over to treat her. Somehow, the combined exposure to the Abyssal energies of the Worldwound and the druid’s mythic power had mutated the raptor. Fortunately, Hook’s change was nothing terrible. Hook grew to six feet tall and 300 pounds. The feathers Tane’s amulet had given rooted in permanently irregardless of the amulet’s continued presence. Hook would significantly more deadly at her new size, after a few days of bumping into things and bullying the party familiars of course.

The Knights of Kenebraes prepared for the liberation of Drezen. To the suprise of some, Anevia arrived in the camp with her leg fully healed. Irabeth explained that Anevia had been following in secret to provide rescue or warn Kenebraes if the quest should come to disaster. She had kept her presence hidden to protect her plan from being betrayed, whether by treason or coercion. Now though, she would use her roguish skills to help coordinate scouts heading into Drezen. The army was nervous about the upcoming battles, despite the mime who kept mysteriously showing up among the troops.

After planning and selecting targets, the invasion began. The first blow was struck against two armies of cultists, one tiefling and one human. Basing their tactics on experience with Wase’s capabilities, Arava used well-placed spells to confuse the enemy and turn their own spellcasting against them. During the ensuing chaos the paladin army struck for law. The tieflings were annihilated without a single death on the side of the Knights. Ironically, their lack of magic meant that the humans put up a bit of a better fight. Their dirty tricks delayed the end, but determined Smiting soon finished the cultists off. The army took plunder and began to dare to hope for victory. The next opponent was a ghoul horde at the graveyard. In another situation that might be a terrible threat, but the paladin army simply smashed through them.

In the graveyard, one crypt the size of a small house seemed especially foreboding. Poonisher flew around it. He saw there was only one door leading out. The crypt seemed to emanate darkness and evil. Tane declared that it was obviously permanent Unhallow and Darkness spells cast on the area. The party began to move in. Nobody seriously considered actually using the door. Bendak became a raptor and prepared to warp the stone of the wall and create a tunnel entrance. At the same time. Tane handed out spells to ward off evil and speed the party’s movements. Nobody reached the crypt before the inevitable fight began. A withered, ghostly hand emerged from the ground and wrapped around Wase’s ankle. The rest of the creature emerged, a winged and translucent corpse.


Tane called it a berbalang, an undead with the power to split its body and soul. It ripped into Wase, draining his life away. With some contributions from the others, Hook and Poo dissipated with claws and arrows. Wase struggled to stay on his feet, the berbalang having stolen nearly all of his life force away. Tane knew that the only way to end this battle would be to track down and destroy the berbalang’s physical body. The party used a scroll of restoration to cure Wase’s damage. It was the only one they had. Bendak opened a small rounded tunnel through the wall. A stale stink emerged from within. Raptor-Bendak and Hook entered and began sniffing around for the berbalang like reptilian bloodhounds.

Poonisher and Tane followed just after. Wase then rushed through like the wind. Despite his armor, he ran as fast as a warhorse. He had been developing his mythic powers in that manner. Due to his speed, he glimpsed a figure darting out through the front door and shutting it behind them. He zoomed to the door and sounded the alarm. At the door he heard the sound of wings taking flight. The raptors darted out through the hole and saw the berbalang reluctantly flying away. They followed on foot, hissing and challenging the undead. Poonisher exited the hole and began shooting it. He made sure to go for the throat of course. Tane gave Wase the ability to fly as Bendak switched shape to a pteranodon. The fliers charged and took swings at the berbalang.

Tane then cast another spell and overwhelmed the berbalang’s mind with feelings of its own earthly responsibilities and moral significance. These thoughts carried literal weight and forced the berbalang to land. Wase charged and struck a mighty blow. The monster then assaulted his mind, but his heroic willpower stopped it. Up in the sky, Bendak changed forms again. Seconds later, the berbalang vanished as Allosaurus-Bendak landed atop it. After the dust shockwave and new crater had settled, Bendak gave a pained roar of victory.

Wase reconsecrated the crypt and the army rested for the night. During the night, some knight’s steeds spooked and fled. These horses had seen many battles in the crusades. For them to be afraid was taken as a bad omen and dampened the army’s spirit, despite Poonisher attempting to convince them that the opinions of equines should not be taken so seriously.

The next target chosen was Paradise Hill. Once a storage area, it had now become a prison for captured crusaders. The army had to cross a certain bridge over a dry riverbank to reach it efficiently. The cultists guarding the bridge had some huge aurochs bulls chained to the supports. Their leader was an especially repulsive tiefling with a hunched back who waited to sound the alarm.


A direct attack would spook the bulls and destroy the bridge. Bendak turned into a common lizard and spoke to the abused aurochs, promising them relief and convincing them to refrain from destroying the bridge. After that the party took up positions for a surprise attack. Poonisher swooped out and shot the leader in the neck. The arrow only grazed his jugular, and the tiefling stayed standing. Before he could do anything nefarious, the lizard druid chirped a few magical words and finished him off with a 40-foot geyser that exploded from under the cult leader’s feet. Without him, the other cultists swiftly fell. The aurochs were freed. They were taken into the Knight’s forces after being healed and fed. This victory restored the troop’s spirits.

Paradise Hill was guarded by an army of goatlike Schir spite demons.


The paladins charged in with swords shining in the sunlight. The schir were more powerful than the other troops that the army had faced before. The Knights had trouble hurting them and the demons began pushing them back. Then, all across the field, holy symbols of righteous gods were raised. Holy power energized the forces of good and so they held strong. Gradually the tide turned. What could have been another of countless demonic victories in these crusades became a rout. Paradise hill fell and its prisoners were freed. The 200 crusaders there more than tripled the Knight’s troop count. On the horizon, three booming roars echoed in anger.

Bug fixing and a patch


The crunch of the errant and unlucky beetle echoing through the fleshy tunneland was quickly replaced by the buzzing of thousands of wings. Swarms of demon-locust vescavors flooded in, babbling madly.


Weapons were useless against the swarm and the gibbering momentarily made Tane and Wase act crazy. Bendak and Poonisher were nauseated by the bugs crawling over them and biting. Bendak-as-raptor and Hook-the-actual raptor ran back toward the entrance so Bendak so the druid could get a chance to think clearly for spells. The vescavaors began to chew on the party’s gear. In his muddled state, Tane threw a punch at Wase as the vescavors ate his robe. Wase then lit up his sword with divine fire and began to slash away at the swarm. Poo got out of the swarm and threw a bottle of alchemical fire at them, but the vescavors were immune to flame. Wase recovered his senses and cast spells to create powerful walls of wind to cage the swarming monsters.

After the vescavors were contained, Bendak returned with a small summoned ice elemental, Wase slashed with his flaming sword, and Poonisher threw some poo. Everyone contributed, but the battle was truly won by Tane when he wrapped himself in a cloak of winds and marched into the swarm. The bugs could do nothing to harm the sorcerer as his winds slammed them all around. Soon the swarm was twitching and stunned on the ground. After a minute of persistent stomping, the vescavors had been exterminated.

A thrumming sound made the party feel they needed to move on quickly. Poonisher felt mentally drawn towards a certain tunnel, so the party went down that one as the vigilante healed them with a wand. They were lead to a pulsing purple rift to the Abyss in the meaty wall. As they looked on, a strange blob smacked into the back of Wase’s helm and stuck fast. It burned him with acid and released erotic pheromones. Stray vescavors began climbing up Wase to reach the blob. Tane then hugged Wase, thus blowing the bugs away with his wind cloak. Bendak summoned a crocodile as all looked for the source of the blob. Swoop and Poonisher saw the corner it had come from and so Bendak and the beasts charged. Their claws ripped through air and found no purchase.

Wase began healing himself of the acid burns. He noticed Hook look over her shoulder just before he was torn by the teeth and claws of the vescavor queen.


The queen gibbered and sowed madness among the party. Poonisher, Tane and the beasts were confused and struggled to fight through the mental haze. Wase was nearly killed and left bleeding and unconscious by the queen’s attacks. However, every time the queen struck the paladin down, Bendak revived him to attack again. This drew heavily on Bendak’s powers and Wase’s endurance, but it was enough. The others recovered from the confusion. Tane summoned a thrashing headless serpent to batter the queen and Poonisher took some shots at her throat. Finally the crocodile pulled her down for Raptor-Bendak and Hook, who shredded her between them.

The party decided to rest in Tane’s rope trick portal again. They still needed to close the rift to clear the swarms so the army could pass. Poonisher braved going outside alone to invisibly explain to the army why the party would be late. While resting, the party had great difficulty cleaning the blob off Wase. I believe they succeeded eventually though. That would be a truly strange souvenir of war.

The party went back to the rift and brainstormed ideas on how to close it. Something was obviously trying to come through. Wase began to pray to see what Iomedae wanted him to do. He heard the goddess shout a warning as a huge arm burst out of the rift. A vulturelike vrock demon emerged and hid itself in seven mirror images.


Poonisher immediately dispersed two images with arrows. Bendak then claimed three more. Tane created a magic circle to protect the party. Wase then went in to smite evil and claimed the last of the images, leaving the demon exposed. Similarly to the queen, Wase was then repeatedly downed and revived, but endured through the twin divine channels of Iomedae’s blessing and Bendak channeling power for the dinosaurs. Ultimately the vrock fell like so many others, gagging on throat arrows. Poonisher claimed its ear.

The party then returned to trying to seal the rift. Ultimately they just had Bendak warp the stone to physically bury it. Hopefully it would not bother anyone ever again. The group then returned to the army to continue the march. At the mouth of a dry riverbed, they finally saw the city in the distance.

Hilltop, part two
Entering the hive


Wounded and drained, the party spent the night in the extradimensional space that Tane had created. Meanwhile, the Knights of Kenebraes started to wonder what had happened to them. The party slowly healed and recovered spells. Occasionally someone would peek out of the hole to see that the demons still awaited battle as soon as the party emerged. The party finally decided to strike. Bendak summoned a raptor as Tane carried out beneficial spells. Tane made everyone faster and warded them against evil. Poonisher he made invisible and Wase he made a giant, standing ten feet tall. The paladin was first to step out of the hole and vanished outside.

One by one the party exited the hole. Each fell into a spiked pit that the winged fiend had placed just underneath them. The party began climbing out. Poonisher of course simply flew out. Bendak fell in the pit human, but then transformed into an allosaurus. A pack of ghouls on the rooftop threw stones in the pit and fled. Remaining to face the party was the winged fiend, a half-demon/half-human inquisitor named Nulkineth and his two nabasu gluttony demon minions.


Bendak clambered out of the pit, and the summoned raptor climbed out atop him. Hook was unable to escape at the moment. Tane quickly climbed atop Bendak, noting that the party should acquire a saddle eventually. The sorcerer cast Glitterdust and Poonisher shot at their throats. Wase drew steel and attacked the demons. The fight started to go badly for our heroes when a nabasu paralyzed Tane and Poonisher with dark magic. The monkey plummented to earth. Tane slid off Bendak when the druid pounced on a demon that tried to fly away. A nabasu’s gaze gave Tane, Poonisher and the raptors terrible feelings of starvation. Nulkineth then used his unholy powers to Smite Wase and beat him unconscious. Only the dinosaurs remained standing. Bendak dipped his tail into the pit to retrieve Hook and revived Wase with a Cure spell. Wase then healed himself a bit more and rose up. Bendak used his mythic powers to protect Wase from Nulkineth’s attempt to finish the job and gave him an opening for a telling blow against the half-demon.

After much chaos and battle, the demons began to flee. I believe one nabasu had already been slain. Bendak shifted from an allosaurus into a pteranodon to serve as a mount for Wase. However, Tane gave Wase the ability to fly on his own and summoned a dire bat from heaven. The celestial bat chased down and killed Nulkineth as Poonisher shot arrows after them. Wase charged through the air alone after the last surviving demon. The demon’s turned and beat him within an inch of his life. The party focused their attacks though, and the demon began preparing to teleport away. The party tried their best, but Wase was only able to slice off a leg before the demon vanished. The ghouls were then casually mopped up.

Wase felt the need to reconsecrate the chapel. It took a full 24 hours, and Poo reported back to the army during this time. After the task was complete, Radiance grew a bit more powerful. After that the holy army moved on. The party made it to within three miles of Drezen and then encountered a major obstacle. A gorge split the land and was swarming with oversized abyssal bugs. Aron, the scout the party had brought along, said that the army couldn’t fight their way through. However, he suspected that there might be a queen. If the party could slay the queen, they might able to get past the swarms.

Poonisher scouted ahead and found a hole that lead into the lair. The walls felt organic and were coated with some sort of mucus. The party carefully descended into the pit with the cloud and flight. Bendak turned into a raptor. Wase felt something invisible poke his butt. He checked his pants but found no evidence of what could have done it. He tried detecting evil and sensed an omnipresent darkness that made any specific detection impossible. The party began creeping through the tunnels. Demonic grubs squirmed over the floor. To avoid an attack, the party needed to stay absolutely quiet. After several tense minutes, a beetle carapace crunched under Hook’s foot. The hive stirred to life as the party drew weapons.

The fight at the hilltop


The Knights of Kenebraes temporarily halted their advance into the Worldwound to recover from the brutal battle against the dretches. Being a horde of paladins meant that healing was plentiful, but that could do no good for those already lost. The party and their army decided to continue on at reduced strength. Using his Mythic powers, Tane spent some time keeping a healing wand charged with arcane energies, a feat beyond nearly any other mage.

As they worked their way through the twisted canyons, an old stone chapel was spotted atop a hill. Poonisher and Swoop did a few flybys and found that it seemed to be unoccupied. Although it would be impractical to send the whole army up, the party scaled to the top of the hill with a combination of flight and Bendak’s cloud scale. They then landed upon the rooftop. Immediately after they arrived, four gargoyles attacked.


The gargoyles attacked and Poonisher let loose arrows for their throats. A gargoyle swooped forward and shoved Wase, sending him falling thirty feet to the ground. The paladin slammed into the ground, which gave and crushed underneath him. Under a thin layer of dust, the ground was ankle deep with bones. Another gargoyle threw the raptor off after Wase while the third attacked Tane. Bendak caught the gargoyles bite with his haft of his scythe, but the claws found their mark. Tane then stepped back off the building and used a spell to float down like a feather.

Meanwhile, Poonisher swept down and snatched the raptor off the ground. He carefully patted the angry, wounded dinosaur on the head to calm it. Hook accepted the ride, but made her irritation clear with a talon pointedly placed against his gut. The Poonisher flew over the chapel and dropped Hook on top of an gargoyle still trying to remove an arrow from its throat. The dinosaur then finished the wounded monster off.

Wase rose to feet in the bone field and cast protection from evil upon himself. All three remaining gargoyles converged on Bendak, harrying and slashing the druid from all sides and gravely woulding him. Poonisher picked up Tane, who then summoned pits under two gargoyles. The monsters fell in, briefly removing them from the conflict. On the ground six ghouls rushed out of the chapel and attacked Wase. They were then joined by a pair of babau demons.


A babau created a cloak of darkness over Wase as another dispelled his protection spell. Poonisher dropped Tane off behind the raptor and shot an arrow into a demon’s throat. Tane stepped up to heal Bendak with the wand. Dark and necromantic energies emanated from the chapel as two ghoul clerics entered the battle. The gargoyles flew out of the pit, but one then fell back in because it tried to hover over the pit and failed somehow. Despite the darkness and their superior numbers, the ghouls were still outmatched by the paladin. Wase began carving steadily away at them.

With his path cleared, Bendak managed to stagger away from the gargoyles and take to the sky as a pteranodon. Hook began battling the gargoyles. Though the raptor would normally have been outmatched, the holy amulet and pit Tane had provided turned the battle slowly in her favor. Speaking of Tane, he went to the edge of the roof to conjure harmless and permanent flames on Wase’s codpiece. The light of the magic fire allowed Wase to see through the darkness.

The demons and the undead moved in on Wase as his sword and Poonisher’s arrows tore into them. The most wounded gargoyle used its last moment to kamikaze Wase, battering but not dropping him. The undead clerics left the chapel. One channeled necromantic energy as the other slashed Poonisher with a spiritual weapon. Poonisher’s flight must have been disrupted by the blow as he then fell from the sky.

Bendak began screeching out spells from the air. He charged the air with lightning and summoned a small raptor which pounced on a cleric. After an initial storm of claws and fangs, the cleric magically paralyzed it. His success was short lived however as Poonisher ventilated his throat an instant later. Wase slew a demon, although his rapidly accumulating injuries had left him nearly dead. Bendak summoned a crocodile that chomped down around a cleric’s waist. Tane then blasted Glitterdust against the cleric and the demon. The crocodile’s deathroll then ended that battle in a spray of limbs, viscera and glitter. All this time, Hook had been battling the three gargoyles. Two were now hacked apart, and the last one ran to fight the paladin instead after Bendak struck it with lightning. Hook stood where she was, flexing claws and trilling in confused triumph. Poonisher then took aim at the last demon. One shot to the throat followed by three to the face ended its life.

The wounded gargoyle and the ineffectual ghouls were then quickly massacred. The party stood exhausted but victorious about the chapel as the echoes of battle faded. Tane sensed more danger incoming. Unable to stand against it in their haggard state, the party decided to hide. Tane cast a hole in the air at the end of a rope which they all climbed into. Bendak resumed his human form to fit. Shortly after they all hid a humanoid, winged demon appeared at the chapel in a flash of smoke. He looked around before disappearing again. The party then decided the tiny extradimensional room would be a good enough place to rest.

Into the wound
The Poonisher arrives


As the sounds of battle faded, the party took a moment to recover and assess the situation. A groan from nearby attracted their attention. Just outside the room the Wardstone fragment had been imprisoned in, a strange figure lay where he had been thrown back by the blast. He too had a fading glow of power. It was a winged ape clutching a bow. The flying monkey picked himself up and introduced himself with a strong Galtan accent. He was the renowned local vigilante known only as the Poonisher.


The Poonisher, secretly also the wingless monkey mime named Francois Bastille, explained that he had been attempting to catch up and aid the party, but had only arrived just in time to be struck by the blastwave. As he seemed now to be bound up in the same strange destiny as the others who had absorbed the wardstone’s power, he went along as the party returned to camp to plan their next move. The situation in Kenebraes was grim, but there was finally hope. Only about half of Kenebraes’s original population of twelve thousand remained in the city. The party practiced and learned about the nature of their new mythic power.

Wase’s new abilities were martial, greatly adding to his skills with the blade. Bendak’s share was more defensive, which should serve him well as a guardian of dinosaurs and their ilk. Tane’s inborn magic was augmented, which he used to enhance the magical treasures he made, becoming a very quick and skilled craftsman. His fox aided him in crafting, an impressive feat for a being with no thumbs. The Poonisher’s new abilities leaned towards cunning and archery. Gith’s skills were more unclear. He retreated to the library with Arava to study and attempt to understand what had happened. Unfortunately, this left him unable to continue traveling with the group for the time. Since he would not need his skeletal minion for some time, he left his gear with the party. Wase took the strength enhancing belt. Because it had been crafted to make the skeleton sometimes look like an elf, Wase now looked like an elf in battle.

The other people who had accompanied them to the gray garrison and been present for the blast had not received any of the power, for some mysterious reason. Hook, Swoop, and Tane’s fox familiar also got nothing despite their close connection to their masters. The night after the Gray Garrison attack, the party and the Poonisher all received the same dream. Iomedae, the goddess of paladins, appeared to them as a scarred but beautiful woman in plate armor and kissed each of them on the brow before vanishing. Her divine blessing left everyone a little stronger.

It may be a good time here to explain the Poonisher’s history. His race had once lived in the land of Sarkoris before the Worldwound blighted that land. They were enslaved and taken far away by a wicked witch. The witch in question used them as minions in her armies for generations. After her death, Francois made the long trip back to his homeland only to find it ruined by demons. On the way he realized that many now feared flying monkeys due to the things they had done in their unwilling service to the witch. Thus he began hiding his wings to pass as another sort of more benign monkey man called a vanaras. Wanting vengance on the demons that destroyed his home, he took on the name of the Poonisher in Kenebraes. He also began wearing a grisly necklace of a mummified elf hand and the ears of those the Poonisher slew.

Five days went by after the liberation of Kenebraes. Tane used this time to craft several items, including an amulet that Bendak had requested to channel Holy power into Hook’s natural attacks so she would no longer be hindered by their unnatural hides.

Though his endless hours of study, Tane realized how closely dinosaurs resemble dragons. Hook, in particular, had a reddish hide that he felt was more than just reminiscent of evil red dragons. Feeling that this meant it was, if not already evil, certainly and by all studied accounts on the verge of being evil, he took special steps. As all know, evil creatures are temporarily crippled if they attempt to wield a Holy weapon. In the team spirit of making sure that Hook never has to endure such a fate, Tane took special steps.

With the assistance of one of the Clerics of Sarenrae, goddess of redemption, Tane imbued the amulet with powers that force the reptile’s very being to emulate Sarenrae’s Sacred Animal of the Dove. Tane is well satisfied that the otherworldly protection that the downy white feathers offer Hook will prevent the velociraptor from ever being harmed by the amulet. Bendak was surprised by the change but not overly concerned since other breeds of raptor naturally possess similar feathers. Hook adjusted well enough to her new plumage.


The party also cured Arava of his blindness. He was grateful to receive his sight back. At the end of the five days, the party heard rumors that Queen Galfrey, ruler of Mendev, was coming to Kenebraes to see them. Shortly thereafter she arrived. Runners who preceded her allowed the party to choose where they would meet. After some debate the party agreed that Defender’s Heart would be the most appropriate place. The paladins prepared Defender’s Heart as well as they could for the Queen’s arrival. Galfrey met with the party and thanked them for saving the lives of all those crusaders who had massed along the border.

She then gave them a new mission. A marilith commander named Zuhra Aponavicius had recently moved her troops out of the city of Drezen within the Worldwound in response to the fall of the barrier, leaving it open to be retaken by a small force of crusaders. The reason this goal matters is because that city contained a relic called the Sword of Valor. The “Sword” was actually a banner once carried by Iomedae herself. It had been lost due to an antipaladin’s treachery, but once had been a great boon to morale in the crusade. It was also rumored to have protective abilities. The rumors were backed up by the fact that the city it was in had fallen just after it was lost after long standing against the demons. Queen Galfrey promised to provide a force of 100 knights if the party agreed to lead them. They all agreed, although Gith remained behind. The Poonisher would have to fill his role. Bendak in particular was keen to keep the war on the eastern front, since his jungle was only a few miles from the now unprotected western edge of the Worldwound.

Before leaving, the party made some final preparations. Bendak added some decorative tropical feathers and carvings to his mask in preparation for having Tane give it magical powers. Wase also purchased a set of full plate armor.


Irabeth and Arava were both invited to join on the march, and both agreed. Arava would provide magical aid to the troops, and Irabeth would be the field commander. Queen Galfrey also provided three specialists of her own. They were an expert on guerilla warfare named Aron, a cleric named Sosiel, and a bard named Nurah. The Poonisher also joined the army again as Francois Bastille the monkey mime. Bendak could conjure enough water to feed the troops, but other supplies would need to be brought along from Kenebraes or acquired on the way. After the preparations were complete, the force now calling themselves the Knights of Kenebraes set out marching into the lands surrounding the Worldwound.

The first thing they encountered on the way was an abandoned farming village. They spent a day searching and found some food and supplies. Sadly, they found no evidence of any survivors. An upcoming tower fort at Vilareth Ford should have provided a good point to stop and rest early in the journey. Before the party arrived, their scouts came running with a warning. The fort had fallen to an army of tiefling cultists. Its noble defenders hung gutted from the sides of the tower. The Poonisher and Swoop scouted out the area from the skies while made invisible by Tane to prepare an ambush. The Knights got into position, and Bendak transformed into a towering allosaurus.


The ambush worked perfectly. The tiefling army was swiftly crushed. The party themselves identified the commander of the cultists. It was a brimorak demon named Umastil. It looked like a three foot tall black furred humanoid goat wreathed in flames and wielding a sword of flames.


When the party approached, it spit a jet of boiling blood at them and tried to fly away. The small demon was then snatched in Bendak’s jaws and pulled back, to be finished off by a perfect arrow to the throat by the Poonisher, who took flight above the army. That arrow was then followed by several supplementary shots to the torso. The day had been won without a single death amoung the Knights of Kenebraes. Wase buried the bodies hung from the tower. Aron suggested looting the battlefield for supplies. Although some of the paladins present were offended at robbing corpses for their equipment, the party agreed with his plan and the looting gathered a few supplies to sustain the army. The Poonisher took the opportunity to add Umastil’s ear to his necklace. Some prisoners were found who had survived the attack on the tower. The party sent the battered troops home after getting a description of Keeper’s Canyon, which was next on their journey.

The Knights continued to march northward to Drezen. Something seemed off about the description of Keeper’s Canyon as they approached. Scouts reported two armies that would need to be simultaneously defeated in order to pass. One was more tieflings like the group that was so easily destroyed before. The other was tiny demons that were soon discovered to be dretches. Another ambush was set and launched. This ambush was far less successful. The tieflings did little against the Knights but the dretch horde proved a much greater obstacle. Roughly half the Knights fell before the little demons routed after a long and grueling battle. The tieflings began to collapse, but their leader held them together. It was an incubus named Exorias. An incubus is essentially the weaker male version of the seductive female succubi.


Exorias opened the battle by casting a spell of Crushing Despair. Those who failed to resist were impaired by grief and self doubt. He then flew out of the allosaur-druid’s reach. He was about to cast echantments, but the Poonisher swooped in and shot him in the throat so he couldn’t voice any compelling words. Wase fired a crossbow bolt and Tane cast a spell. Exorias dodged the shot and resisted the spell. He then divebombed the Poonisher in midair, punching him hard in the gut. The Poonisher gagged as he doubled over from the blow. Just as the fight seemed to be going in Exorias’s favor a crucial error became evident. By striking the Poonisher, he had lowered himself to Bendak’s reach. Bendak immediately pounced and clawed the demon. Exorias tried to teleport away, but failed to cast the spell while also maintaining his defensive flight. Desperate, he tried to fly away and lost his leg to Bendak’s jaws. The blood loss of an arrow to the throat and a missing leg finally got to him and he plummeted to the ground. An echoing final thump signaled the end of the battle. The Poonisher approached the broken incubus and shot him in the head just to be sure. He also claimed another ear when Wase wasn’t looking.

Despite the damage the Knights had taken, they continued on. Finally, they entered the strange and horrible terrain of the Worldwound itself. Above their heads shone wrong stars and around them rained such things as crystal locusts and eyeballs. As they marched on, a former paladin in their ranks began openly claiming that their task was hopeless and discouraging the troops. Wase decided to personally meet with him and try to convince him otherwise. With the commanding presence that his mythic power gave him, he just managed to give Arles a bit of hope even despite the horrors all around them. Francois’s mime performance however did not help.


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